Atlanta Pride: Day 1

silhouette from below of a manta ray swimming over an aquarium tunnel

35mm Summicron ASPH / Leica M-10

Woke up early-ish so we could hit the road. We were trying to make sure we could get to the airport on-time to pick up Blake. We made good time and stopped at the Whole Foods in Greenville SC as usual. The weather was amazing.

We made it to the airport early, but after about 15 minutes we realized we are at the international terminal pickup. This is a simple mistake of just putting in “Atlanta airport” in Google Maps. Blake had been waiting at the south domestic pick up for a while. Using his location via Apple Maps, we headed that way. Apple Maps decided to take us to north domestic (almost twice.) It took us 30 minutes to circle back around due to traffic picking people up. Apparently south was being used for arrivals and departures making the entire thing a huge cluster.

We finally scoop up Blake and it’s a 45 minute drive from the airport to Ponce. Our AirBnb wasn’t going to be ready for another hour or so, so we decided to hit Ponce City Market for some food. And of course, I had to hit Spiller Park for some coffee.

back half profile of an old teal buick

50mm Summilux ASPH / Leica M10-P

The Airbnb check-in was painless. The location is solid. Walking distance from the market, a couple grocery stores and the park via the Beltline. We relaxed for a bit before getting ready to head to the Georgia Aquarium for the kick-off party.

The aquarium is a lot of fun. The dolphin show was better this year but seemd shorter.

Afterwards we went to Mary’s. It was slammed but we had a great time. The music at Mary’s is always good. Afterwards we hit Woody’s and it hit the spot. Definitely worth the wait.