Atlanta Pride: Day 2

the back of two women hugging and kissing on the lawn of a park with a large crowd of people in the background

35mm Summicron ASPH / Leica M10-P

Got up and showered. Headed to Ponce City Market for some brunch and coffee. I had some damn good ramen.

We hit the Beltline to go to the park and may have went the wrong direction at first. But we made it just as things were kicking off. Circled around the venders once. Chatted with the boys at Yeah Buzzy for a bit. I did some street style photos as I did at Charlotte Pride earlier this year. There were a lot of people in really well done costumes and outfits.

man in front of a vendor booth with LGBTQ themed shirts hanging in the background. he is wearing a shirt that says GAY T L.

35mm Summicron ASPH / Leica M10-P

We hung out in the park for a bit. The weather was perfect, but the sun was brutal.

man's chest heavily tattooed with various geometric patterns and graphics, he is wearing a gold necklace with a large pendant that says 'woof'

35mm Summicron ASPH / Leica M10-P

After a while we decided to find food. Blake found this place called Triple J’s Pizza, which was pretty good. We got a Lyft ride back to the Airbnb and tried to chill for a bit before going to the Eagle.

man wearing a shirt that says 'lets be gay at old country bueffet'

35mm Summicron ASPH / Leica M10-P

The new Eagle location is huge. And a bit of a maze. And not really finished. And maybe also kind of dangerous? Seemed like a lot of incomplete construction. 😅 The giant disco ball with a harness was kind of amazing, though.

disco ball hanging from the ceiling with an orange leather harness wrapped around it

iPhone 14 Pro

They had a large area fenced off in the parking lot so that everyone could be outside. All I mostly remember is that it was freezing. I did not bring a hoodie.

There was a food truck in the fenced off area and, well, I was hungry. I ordered some fried okra and french fries, to which they handed me two (2) plates. One completely full of okra, the other, french fries. Let it be known that the best fried okra I’ve ever had was at the Atlanta Eagle.