Atlanta Pride: Day 3

a burned car being placed on a tow truck bed while a gay pride parade goes on in the background

50mm Summilux ASPH / Leica M10-P

Sunday is the parade. We missed it last time back in 2020. The Atlanta Pride parade goes hard. A car caught on fire.

Before heading to the parade I went outside to snap some photos. I came inside and reviewed them on the camera screen, and noticed (even on this tiny LCD panel) that they looked soft exactly where I was focusing. I did some more test shots and it’s clear that something was off. Not sure for how long, but my 35mm Summicron was coming loose. I noticed it felt a little loose at the aperture ring back when we were in New York. So this explains why I’ve had random blurry photos for the past two trips.

I mentioned in on the Leica Discord, and thankfully someone that’s experienced this exact issue on this exact lens chimed in. They’ve actually made a custom tool out of a copper pipe that fits perfectly into the back of the lens to tighten it. He was kind enough to mail me the tool and let me know that it may not fix the issue, but that it was likely the same problem.

I can’t tell you how thankful I am.

a pride parade float with drag queens dancing and a man holding a sign that says 'everybody say yeah'

50mm Summilux ASPH / Leica M10-P

Blake and I headed to Zocalo, a Mexican restaurant on 10th and Piedmont to meet Rob and some of his friends to view the parade. It was a pretty great spot. Mitch stayed back at the Airbnb for a bit so he could let Brian and Adam in to crash for a bit. They had a late night and checked out of their hotel early.

woman in crowd with a yellow boa constrictor snake wrapped around her

50mm Summilux ASPH / Leica M10-P

french bulldog looking over the shoulder of the person holding it

50mm Summilux ASPH / Leica M10-P

I shot the rest of the day on my 50mm which was difficult in tight spaces but it was better than not getting any photos at all.

We ran into Dylan and Raleigh who invited us to go hang out at Matt’s house, a friend of theirs with a house on 10th. Such a great spot. Mitch met us there and we finished out the parade surrounded by friends new and old. Can’t wait for next year!

a group of people on the lawn of a house holding cut out faces of various gay icons

50mm Summilux ASPH / Leica M10-P

man sipping a tiny can of negroni. another man behind him with a white beard holding a cut out face of martha stewart

50mm Summilux ASPH / Leica M10-P