NC State Fair 2022

a woman and man with a large plush dog sitting in a ski lift above fair grounds at night

50mm Summilux ASPH / Leica M10-P

Spent the night at Luke and Greg’s. We got ready for brunch at this place called Relish. The food was really good. I read “chicken fried steak”, ordered it, and for some reason was surprised when it was steak and not chicken. Luke did the same thing. Bamboozled myself.

I got to go to Black and White coffee. I bought three bags, one was a special gesha. Got some crazy good strawberry coffee. Coffee with strawberry flavor, not flavored coffee. There’s a difference. The tasting notes were something like strawberries and cream oatmeal. So, so delicious. It was out of stock at the shop but they had some bags left on the site so I ordered almost immediately. Black and White is hands down the best roaster in North Carolina and one of the best overall on the east coast. Absolute coffee wizards.

We headed to the fair a little later. This trip was kind of wedged in when we could swing it, and we were unaware that it was opening weekend. So, naturally, it was very busy. We agreed that next time we would aim for the middle of the week. The crowd was too much.

crowd of people sitting on bleachers from behind. a man's butt crack is showing

50mm Summilux ASPH / Leica M10-P

We couldn’t find the epic chicken biscuits that we had last year and sadly no pig racing, either. But we did have donuts, fried Oreos, fried Reese’s, banana pudding and apple dumplings. Not a single thing savory. I paid for it later.

two men pulling apart a cream filled donut

50mm Summilux ASPH / Leica M10-P

I didn’t get any solid photos. Still stuck with the 50mm only until the custom tool to fix my 35mm comes in. 35mm is a lot easier to zone focus with.

a blurry photo of a ginger haired boy

50mm Summilux ASPH / Leica M10-P

I am very upset that I missed focus on this fair portrait.