Fixed Lens, Broken Camera

a piece of copper pipe that's been filed to create two notches across from each other pointing out

iPhone 14 Pro

Headed home from Raleigh after having some bangin’ bagels Luke made. The drive was easy. Mostly back roads the whole way and hardly any traffic.

The tool that Anthony sent me arrived in the mail over the weekend while we were gone. It worked perfectly! But, when testing the lens I noticed a new, weird focus issue. As I was moving the focus tab back and forth, the rangefinder patch would kind of slip. Tested the lens on a different body and it felt normal.

Turns out the rangefinder roller was sticking on the M10. So now I get to send that in to someone. Finding a tech to do it right and quick isn’t always easy.

On the up-side, it looks like I’ll be shooting more film for a while!

Also watched the new Hellraiser film. Visually it was stunning, but the writing left a lot to be desired.