Youth League

three piece band plays live on a small stage

35mm Summicron ASPH / Kodak Double X @ 800 / Yellow filter

Not a very eventful day. Just busy at work. After work I took a nap and then made sure my gear was setup the way I wanted.

Kodak Double X at 800, yellow filter and a cabled flash. Set the flash to 800 ISO because I was planning on shooting at a slightly slower shutter and the yellow filter knocks the ISO back down to 400. Wanted to pull the strength of the flash a bit.

The show was fantastic! We haven’t seen Youth League since we lived in Greensboro. I used to hang with Jaffar almost daily in Wilmington. It was so great to see him again. They recently put out a new album and I highly recommend it.

man sitting in a photo booth wearing a newsboy cap and black jacket

35mm Summicron ASPH / Kodak Double X @ 800 / Yellow filter

Finished about 1.5 rolls. I expected the photos would have a lot more contrast and loss of shadow detail, but Ilford’s DDX developer is just too damn good.

Also, I’ve restructured the journal directory of my site and not sure if this will affect RSS feeds. If so I apologize. The URLs to posts are now broken down into year / month / post. Not sure why I just realized I should do this. My journal folder was just a crap-ton of markdown files. Now things are nicely organized.