Ryan's Birthday

three boxes of kosher salt on a shelf sandwiched between a bag of flour on the left and packages of japanese golden curry on the right

iPhone 14 Pro

How did we end up with three boxes of kosher salt?

Had a few things to get done today and did just a few of them. For some reason we braved Costco on a Saturday. I don’t recommend it.

After running errands it was time for a nap before heading to R&R’s for Ryan’s birthday. His birthday was actually yesterday, but we’re celebrating with dinner tonight at Geno D's pizza. It was delicious. Seriously that crust was something else. There was also this pasta booth in the market, and I could not help myself. I bought some pasta for later, but of course I had to taste it while it was fresh. So good.

small pizza topped with pepperoni, sausage and bacon

Ricoh GR III

reflection looking down on a group of men in an elevator

Ricoh GR III

After dinner we went back to R&R’s to watch M3GAN. What an entertaining horror comedy like no other. Made Child’s Play look like, well, child’s play. Chucky take a back seat. Also, the guy that does your rich southern aunt videos is in it.

Came home and finished backing up photos. Noticed that Lightroom didn’t move everything it said it did. Glad I made multiple backups and held off on deleting the files Lightroom sees. Didn’t expect to be doing that until 1:00am, but glad it’s done.