Adams School House

photo of 1800s school house

Lomography 800

On Christmas day after having dinner at my aunt’s house and watching the kids open their gifts, I ventured around my hometown a little bit to take photos. One location I definitely wanted to photograph is the old Adams School House. It’s right up the road from the house I grew up in. I actually meant to photograph it early in the morning so that the sun would be in front rather than behind, but overall I like how this turned out. Now I kind of want to reshoot it again with the sun behind, but from a better angle to try and get the light coming through all 3 windows. Gotta learn to slow down.

Here's a website I found with a bit more information on the school house. The photograph at the bottom of the linked page is how I remember it most. It was moved at some point, I’m guessing after it took damage from hurricanes Fran and/or Hugo.