Crowders Mountain

peaks of rocks on mountain

Ricoh GR III

We’ve now lived in Charlotte for about five years and this whole time I’ve never driven over to Crowders Mountain. Mitch recently started playing in a softball league so I figured I’d make the trip over during his games. A little solo me time. I hadn’t been out to make photos in months it seems so this was a really good time to do it.

Crowders Mountain is just west of Charlotte in Gastonia. It isn’t a big mountain by any means. It’s a lot like Hanging Rock that we used to hike up to when we lived in Greensboro. These are just a couple of the smaller mountains scattered about in western NC before you get to the Appalachian mountains. It’s a fun and relatively easy hike but I won’t lie, I was pretty winded by the time I got to the top.

It was a beautiful day, you couldn’t ask for much better. Well, some more clouds would have been nice to add to the photos, but the weather overall was fantastic. I recently picked up a Ricoh GR III and this was the first time I really got to take it out and see how I like it. It’s great little camera for it’s size. Actually pocketable and sports a nice little 28mm equivalent lens. It’s very customizable much like Fuji’s series of X cameras and it’s really fun to play with the recipes. The JPEGs are quite lovely but I still shoot RAW+ just in case. I guess I’m OK with the purchase. I had a bit of buyers remorse at first.

dead tree

Ricoh GR III

I did take the Leica with me and shot mostly HP5. The roll of Portra is still in the camera so I haven’t seen those yet. I may update this post with those photos if I like them.

peaks of rocks with trees on mountain

35mm Summicron / Ilford HP5 @ 1600