Gatlinburg, TN

cabins in the mountains during fall

Kodak Gold 200

We took a nice trip to Gatlinburg TN in November. The photo above was shot from one of the balconies of our cabin. It was an excellent, refreshing trip. I haven’t developed or scanned all of the photos just yet, but I will update this post with some shots from Clingman’s Dome when I do. I can’t properly scan 120 film at this time. I ordered an Essential Film Holder but it seems to have been lost in the mail. The seller has been notified and is on it. He seems like a fantastic person and is very responsive. I’m sure it’ll turn up eventually.

That said, I’m probably going to go ahead and order the 120 carrier from Negative Supply. I absolutely love all of the things they’re doing. You simply can’t beat their product. Over-engineered? Sure, but you won’t find anything better. The key is the weight of their products. The devices are milled out of blocks of aluminum. This thing won’t go sliding off the desk when you’re trying to change which frame you want to scan.

Anyway, I’m really hoping the photos come out OK. I shot two rolls at Clingman's Dome with the Hasselblad 500C, which I haven’t previously taken on an intentional shoot. I’m dying to see the results because it was an absolute stunner of a sunset. I highly recommend it. It was after peak Fall but at that elevation it didn’t seem to matter, the foliage was beautiful and looked to be mostly evergreen.