March Book Pickups

stack of photo books on a desk

iPhone 12 Pro

Picked up a few books this month. A few of these I’ve wanted for many years. The Jim Marshall book I’d only heard of recently. There’s also a documentary of the same title , but I believe due to Covid the release date was pushed back to sometime this year.

The Vivian Maier book on her street photography is a stunner. Every single photograph is incredible. Her story is incredible. If you’ve never heard of her I highly recommend watching Finding Vivian Maier . I first watched this documentary in one of my photo classes at UNCG.

The Blake Little books I’ve wanted for a long time. There are a couple more I’m missing but they’re sold out. We got to meet Blake last year, or maybe it was 2019. A beautiful and kind man. Very talented. Both Work and Manifest are full of naturally rugged, handsome gay men in their respective environments. His Gay Rodeo photos I was not aware were in book format until I had placed the order for the other two. Had to grab a copy.

And, of course, The Americans by Robert Frank. It’s a classic and I’m happy to have finally purchased a copy. Will enjoy flipping through this one over and over.