Photowalk With New Friends

picnic table with various cameras and drinks

Kodak Gold 200 pushed to 400

Jesse and I have been trying to meetup for months to go on a photowalk. Finally the stars aligned, and so did good weather on a Saturday. A few more people in his photo group showed up and we took off around the neighborhood to make some photos. It’s always nice to get out and shoot, and meeting new people while doing it is a huge bonus. And I can’t forget Otis, the most goodest boy, a golden retriever.

It was a lot of fun and I hope to do it again sometime. They also have, I believe, monthly challenges to create a specific photo which sounds exciting.

old blue chevrolet truck

Kodak Gold 200 pushed to 400

I mostly shot the Olympus XA2 the whole time and was surprised I went through a roll so quick. I also thought I had loaded Portra 400 but instead it was Gold 200 so I had to make sure I pushed a stop during development. I think the results were pretty good.

I wouldn’t say the XA2 is an underrated camera. It’s actually quite popular. A great, very compact point n’ shoot. The lens is very sharp for such a tiny 35mm f/2.8. Ken Rockwell has a great write-up on the XA and XA2 that you can check out.